New Update at YFZ  

Dear Fans of HDC,

A new project is now online @ Your Fetish Zone.

Please check  One Day with Vanda

Best regards

HDC Admin

HDC under attack - Update 27.11.2019  

Dear friends of HDC,

since 03.11.2019 our Website is again under the attack of a  data thief who operates with the different nicknames PSG, Pakow, Baresi and Abbott in the Internet. This criminal offender blockades our business now permanent with all his bad influence in the www and this is the main reason why we cannot post any new sensitive content with special Models as long as he is active.  Sorry for the inconveniences but our partner Copyright Police work now very intense to clear it up. All files that they find are immediately warned and removed so the whole process does not make any sense. Due to the whole development in the last few days, we are currently not longer getting any new licences for projects with sensitive content from our international business partner. All loyal and honest customers of HDC can now say thank you to such a dumb idiot for his destroying work.

Thanks for your attention.

With Kind regards

Your HDC Team

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